Patagonia again

Unfortunately I wasn't as quick as I wanted with the blog entries from my Scandinavian hike...

Today I am taking off for a new hiking adventure: The continuation of my Greater Patagonian Trail rambles! I will spent three months in the wilds of Chile and Argentina to explore Central Patagonia. This time with my packraft as well!

But of cause, when I am back home, I will finish the write-ups about Scandinavia first....

I wish all my readers a happy new year and a lot of happy treks!



Scandinavian wilderness hike 9- Børgefjell

My next destination is the Børgefjell, another wild Nationalpark with hardly any infrastructure that is sometimes compared to the better known swedish Sarek. Sarek is often termed "Europe's last wilderness" so I am looking forward to what Børgefjell has to offer.


Scandinavian wilderness hike 8- Across the wild Blåfjella-Skjaekerfjella

Blåfjella-Skjaekerfjella Nationalpark is with more than 1900 sqkm one of Norways largest, but contrary to areas like Hardangervidda touristically quite unknown. Although the area of the park is not that large, it feels giant because it forms a large corridor along the Swedish border. There are only few hiking trails and huts and the landscape of dense primeval spruce forests, wide fjells and moors and distinct peaks is very varied.  Two isolated farms, quite unique in Norway, emphasize the wild, remote character of the park which was founded only in 2004.


Scandinavian wilderness hike 6- Knutshøa and Forollhogna

Here at Kongsvold in Drivdalen I will leave the network of marked DNT- hiking trails for a long time, to explore the lesser known landscapes of central Norway. I will use a mixture of cross country walking, local trails and occasional dirt roads. Dovre Fjell on the western side of the valley, was the last of the high mountain chains I crossed. The landscape I will hike through might be less spectacular because there are no more glaciers and rugged rocky mountains, but as I like wide open spaces and the adventure of trailless walking, I am looking forward towards the next stages of my hike....


Scandinavian wilderness hike 5- Dovrefjell, Home of the Muskox

Next morning I have soon reached the treeline and the gradient eases. Here I am on the  1500 sqkm large  high plateau auf Dovrefjell. Although a good number of peaks stand out of the plain and reaches heights of more than 2000 meters, there are only relatively tiny glaciated areas, unlike Reinheimen and Breheimen further southwest. The explanation is, that Dovrefjell in the lee of these other mountains receives relatively little precipitation. Once again therefore I hope finally to be out of the snow...


Scandinavian wilderness hike 4- across Breheimen and Reinheimen

It has rained all night and I am grateful, that there is a bridge across the wild Utla River, which would be impossible to wade...